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another unofficial sequel to Spielberg's adaptation of War of the Worlds.

Rachel Ferrier had always had an interest in space, but her liking for Extraterrestrials had gone down after she and her family were visited by them in 2005. The Current year is 2029, Rachel has now grown up and is apart of a new space program led by a joint force of American and Russian Space Agencies. Their mission: to search for other inhabited worlds in space to prepare for potential colonization. However, the real reason they are going into space is to find the home planet of the Invaders who tried to exterminate humanity, and Scientists believe that they have found a possible contender. 

Using advanced space technology reverse engineered from the Invaders tech, the Trip is relatively quick and the planet is reached. Upon landing on the planet, they find what appears to be a flooded world with very little life. However, a day into their trip, the crew finds out that the planet harbored life, but not the kind they were looking for. According to what they had found, The Planet was formerly inhabited by creatures similar to Humans, but then the race that attacked Humanity invaded and terraformed the world to the way it is now. Eventually, the planet began to die and the Race selected earth as their next target. However, before the crew can report their findings, their ship is destroyed and they are captured, causing them to discover that the planet is not so dead after all.
just for the heck of it, see how many locations you can put in this blank:

The chances of anything coming from ____ are a million to one.
While it may have been a while ago, the Technology of the Armies of Earth and Mars were quite extraordinary, and they are what the subject of today is.


First we will look at a soldier from each side of the cold war, first we will start with the Martian Soldier. The typical Martian soldier of the time wore full body armor in different peices, commonly wearing goggles to help them see in the Earth's Sunlight, the Armor is typically dark and covered in rusty dust that is from their home-world. The Main Weapon of the Martian Soldier is the Heat Ray. The Heat Ray is a unique weapon that fires a concentrated beam of Heat that causes severe burns on the targets body. While the beam was strong, it always needed to recharge after firing, leaving the soldier using it vulnerable to enemy fire. This put it at a slight disadvantage to Pulse weaponry that was common at the time, which was quicker to reload compared to the 90 second recharge time of the Heat Ray. Martian Soldiers also have the burden of wearing a massive backpack on their back that connects to the Heat ray and powers it, the Back pack is also filled with Radioactive material that could explode if hit with a weapon and the Green Smoke released can also cause some Annoyances.

Now on to the Human Soldier. Now the Human Soldier has lighter colored armor, and a full face mask and visor that locates enemies and helps with targeting, Typical Human soldiers come equipped with a laser club for close combat that was for close combat, unlike the knifes which could get stuck in Martian chests, the laser club could cut straight through their armor and knock them down at the same time. For a long time, Humans used Pulse guns like their Gaularan counterparts rather than the Martian heat ray, although they tried to adapt the heat ray many times. Eventually, Humans would create the first Phased Energy Gun. While the Gaularans are assosciated with inventing the Laser Gun (technically, they were the first to mass produce Laser guns and distribute them) the Laser guns were invented on Earth, but the Other Great powers just didn't take too much notice until the Great War. Like today, Laser Guns back then were powered by a charged energy crystal shard placed inside the gun that could fire an unlimited amount of lasers until the Crystal lost its charge. Once the Crystal was out of power, a special Machine would be required to charge it up again. This puts it at a disadvantage with the Heat ray, which automatically recharged and didn't need an outside machine to reload, but the Energy Crystal lasted much longer than the Heat ray did between needing to re-charge, so it was a good balance. 

Land Vehicles

Of Course, Infantry need support, and vehicles are the perfect support. the Martians will come first again, and one of the Martians most well known weapons is the trusty Tripod. Nowadays, Tripods are used by high ranking Martian commanders, Used as a quick way to get around the battlefield, or they are used for ceremonial purposes. However, the main thing most Earth Humans would remember the Tripods for was the Martian Cavalry. Several Martians would ride in Tripods in a Formation and move straight forward, destroying everything in their paths: Troopers, encampments, sometimes entire cities. Most Tripods were equipped with Dual Heat Rays that could hit enemies from afar, as well as bladed tentacles that could wipe out anyone who came near. While during the early conflicts, the Tripods were enough to cause entire troop divisions to run for the hills, Humans eventually discovered that the Legs of a Tripod made them easy to trip and the joints could be destroyed by a well placed machine gunner or sniper. The Humans on the other hand used Tanks just like the Gaularans and every other great power, but they were the first to use Lasers with the Tanks. It was also known that Tanks trumped Tripod in many ways: you can't trip them, they are two heavy to flip over, plus many other advantages. Eventually, the Martians made their own tank: the Mobile Fortress, or MF. The MF was one of the Largest tanks ever designed, the size of a small castle, and armed with enough firepower to wipe out a whole battalion. However, while fearful, MFs were slow and easy to see coming, allowing the Humans to easily bomb them before they could threaten their troops.

Air Vehicles

Every schoolkid knows that the key to victory is in the air, and air vehicles were something both sides had. At the beginning of the cold period, The Martians main aerial weapon was the Leviathan Starship. These massive Starships made up a massive martian armada, but nowadays are a bit out of date. Most Modern Laser weaponry would most likely go right through the Leviathan's armor and rupture the core, but back then, the pulse weaponry that was commonly used would barely even scratch the armor, and the Armor was made out of heat resistant material so it could be equipped with Heat Rays, making the Heat rays not very effective against them. Earth would try to make their own Leviathans, but would only create a fleet of 5 compared to the Martian Armada. But later on, Humans would construct a revolutionary new aircraft: the Hermes. the Hermes was a small One-Man aircraft that would become symbolic of the Human Military in the same way the Tripod is of the Martians. Capable of high speed flight, armed with dual Laser Cannons, and even having a walker mode, the Hermes was quite a ship. But when the general public was told that this would be used to fight against the Massive Martian Armada, many laughed or were worried, how could something that small be used against ships that big with that much weaponry. The Hermes would prove itself in the battle of Aristarchus on the moon, when a single Hermes was able to wipe out Four Leviathans and damaging One, while only loosing two in their squadron. With this revelation, the Martians created their own fighter craft, realizing that Warships wouldn't win the Space war. So they created the Saucer, Saucer shaped aircraft that were essentially flying tanks. They were equipped with a large amount of heavy weaponry and were highly maneuverable, but they had weak armor when pitted against the Hermes, and their slow speed would cause the Hermes to fly circles around them. 
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